Monday, February 22, 2010

Seniors and Marijuana

Check out this article about the rising use of marijuana among senior citizens in the United States. Very interesting, a great reminder that most marijuana users are not street punks or criminals, they're executives, entrepreneurs, co-workers, mothers, fathers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and grandparents, and you would be surprised which of your neighbors use marijuana.

It would do us all good to keep in mind that these are the people a Federal Drug War declares war on--your neighbors and friends, people you often know to be righteous, devoted citizens. It's time we treat these people for what they are: responsible, consenting adults making their own educated decisions independently, just as any adult chooses to have a glass of wine after work. I can't think of anything more American than allowing each person to pursue their own destiny, so long as they are not spreading violence, hatred or theft in our society.

We cannot allow or national government to prosecute people who have found real, considerable relief from their medical symptoms via using marijuana, particularly in cases where that state's Constitution (the true will of the people) sanctions such a use. Colorado is the only state currently with such an amendment to its constitution.

I find it shocking then that the DEA chose to raid a medical lab in Denver recently that was testing the potency of medicine. and also chose to raid a medical grower in Highland's Ranch recently. The legal implications of these raids for us all as free people are immense--if the government is no longer subject to our will as it is plainly stated in our Constitution, then Democracy is destroyed and the ultimate American ideal is decaying. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the courts--it could set a very dangerous national precedent.

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