Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome to COLORFUL Colorado

With so much going on these days in the Colorado Medical Marijuana community, we figured it was high time (no pun intended) that someone started covering it from the caregiver's point of view.

Throughout each post we (HC3) will attempt to add a voice of reason into the volatile conversation surrounding medical marijuana in Colorado and the United States as a whole.

We believe that everyone has something to add to the conversation, and we hope you will share your thoughts here in our blog (note: hostile or demeaning comments are not welcome and will be deleted out of respect to all community members).

HC3 brings over 10 years of experience to the table in dealing with marijuana and it's medicinal properties, both as patients and as care providers. We specialize in soil organic gardening and seek to provide the highest quality medicine to our patients at a reasonable, fair cost.

We also seek to provide the most extensive and understandable information to all patients.
Marijuana is not like other medicines-- like many plants, it has thousands of varieties, each with it's own specific taste, smell, growth characteristics, flowering time, and most of all its own effect. In future articles we will try to lay out the full spectrum of medical marijuana types (i.e. Indica's versus Sativas versus Hybrids), and will also feature strains that have specific medicinal traits that are appealing to various patients' conditions.

Follow our blog for more updates on the daily happenings around Colorado and also to learn much much more about marijuana without all the fear-mongered fiction that has dominated the conversation for the last 75 years or so. Peace :)

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