Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letter to Colorado Politicians Regarding HB 1284 and SB 109:

Below is the text of an email I sent to EVERY SINGLE State Senator and State Rep: PLEASE copy and paste the body of this text and do the same (forward it to your reps, or all reps!), together we can beat this thing!

Dear Sir / Madam,

There is a very disturbing development brewing in the State Legislature regarding medical marijuana regulation. HB 1284 and SB 109 seek to destroy the very meaning of both the State Constitution and the Federal Constitution by trampling on the rights of law abiding, productive citizens of Colorado, who are registered patients certified by licensed medical professionals to use medical marijuana, and who share the same rights as every single citizen in our society.

This email was written to inform you that as patients and citizens we will not sit by while you trample our rights as citizens of the State of Colorado, and the United States. We will not submit to being harassed and terrorized by "inspectors with guns" making weekly visits to our LEGITIMATE businesses or PRIVATE residences or property. We will not submit to the violation of our Constitutional right to privacy by allowing money-and-blood hungry law enforcement to access the medical marijuana Registry (State Constitutional Amendment 20 specifically bans them from this illegal invasion of privacy). We will not sit by while you cap the number of patients who can access a particular qualified professional to provide them with medicine, creating a double standard in our society where any pharmacy may sell deadly drugs such as pharmaceutical-grade heroin to prescribed buyers without harassment, but the sale of relatively harmless medical marijuana is treated like a criminal enterprise.

A pledge is currently being circulated to dispensaries, advocates, and citizens at large across the state that will hold you accountable should you choose to violate medical marijuana patients' rights by voting yes on HB 1284 or SB 109. Signers of this pledge have agreed to boycott and campaign against ANY PUBLIC OFFICIAL who votes for HB1284 or SB109 in their current versions. The pledge will continue to be circulated long after your vote is cast, so think long and hard about what a grassroots movement is capable of.

Only with SEVERE changes to current legislation will we even consider abandoning this pledge. We are committed to removing officials from office who have forgotten what rights are GUARANTEED to all Americans. These bills stink of communism and over regulation. Conservatives, are you prepared to attach your name to such regulatory monstrosities in the face of angry conservative voters who are tired of government over-regulation? Democrats, are you prepared to lose your liberal base of voters in what is shaping up more and more to be a hostile re-election cycle for liberal politicians? Think long and think hard before you vote to support these bills in their current forms.

We are asking that you work with us, the patients and caregivers, to develop legislation that makes reasonable sense, and that does not treat us as criminals, but rather as medical providers and honest entrepreneurs. We want to be your allies and supporters, but you must support legislation that is Constitutional, fair, and reasonable. Come together with us as citizens of your districts and regions, to develop a real system that keeps the patients' needs first in mind, not the needs of insecure law enforcement stuck in an archaic past that no longer exists.

Any bill that we support must at a bare minimum keep police out of medical issues, respect patients' rights first and foremost, and reflect the reasonable and compassionate nature of Colorado's citizens. The current versions of HB 1284 and SB 109 could not be further from the will of Colorado voters. Medical marijuana was about treating sick people with compassion, not treating them like criminals. Support us now or lose our support when you need it most--election day.


Medical Marijuana Patients and Advocates from across your districts and state

P.S.: See attached flier regarding this issue, which is currently being circulated far and wide across the state. There could be a lot of new people working for the State of Colorado after the next election if you choose to vote for the Constitution-destroying bills before you. WE WILL HOLD YOU POLITICALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR VIOLATING OUR RIGHTS!!!

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