Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chris Romer--a political liability

That crazy Chris Romer is at it again. His current tour-de-ridiculous has him adding more 11th hour amendments to HB 1284. The newest changes only give patients and dispensaries until July 1 2010 to come into compliance with some crazy rules, fees, etc. This is a thinly veiled attempt to legislate dispensaries out of business via "unintended consequences" that are anything but unintentional.

I have been in back and forth contact with Senator Romer all week. The man is a habitual waffler--then again, that just makes him a Democrat. However, his waffling in this case is in support of a bill that is highly Unconstitutional and will easily be thrown out in court should it pass. Chris can barely hide his contempt for sick and dying people, as well as those in severe pain. He wants to subject them and their caregivers to oversight by armed inspectors whose only real purpose is to harass, intimidate, and spook patients.

Disallowing smaller caregivers to wholesale their excess medicine to dispensaries will harm the dispensaries abilities to provide the highest quality medicine, will kill variety on the market, will drive the cost of medicine up, and will create "WeedMart" in the place of smaller, locally-owned businesses. The people who will suffer the most from this are the patients. Chris Romer absolutely doesn't give a damn about that.

VOTE NO ON CHRIS ROMER IN NOVEMBER--enough is enough, we've all tried to reason with him, but he has no intention of being reasonable, so let's get rid of him.

you can email Chris Romer to give him a piece of your mind here : chris.romer.senate@state.co.us

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