Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barack Obama thinks Cannabis has no medicinal value--Colorado MMJ cannot support him in 2012

I wanted to take some time today to discuss briefly Barack Obama's stance on Medical Cannabis, and the harm it brings to each of us as cannabis patients and businesses.

The official policy of the Obama Administration is that cannabis holds "No known medical value," putting him strikingly in line with a long line of prohibitionist politicians we all know and most of us likely despise for their part in the Drug War.

I, for one, am mortified by this stance. Having voted for Obama, believing that he was serving my best interests at the time, I can tell you now that I have come to feel he is just another politician of the same stripe as the rest--instead of oil companies he gives our money to banks and other special interest groups.

Barack Obama distinctly considers you and your medical condition as qualifications for criminality. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT VOTE FOR THAT KIND OF IGNORANCE. Barack Obama cannot remain in office without Carrying Colorado and California--PERIOD. You should not vote for someone who has no respect for you as a sick or in pain person, a consenting adult who chooses to go with medical options outside of the sphere of the Pharmaceutical Lobby. Medical options that are now well supported with unbiased data.

I know what you're thinking here: "But Obama's policy of not pursuing those acting within accordance of state laws regarding medical cannabis has helped the industry to come above ground." While there is some truth to this, I have several problems with this assertion:

The DEA does still raid and detain medical marijuana businesses in both Colorado and California all the time, and many of these businesses are in fact working within accordance of state laws, putting these raids in direct conflict with the administrations' half-hearted wishes. Were they serious about extending these protections to the States, they would reschedule Cannabis.

The Obama Administration's current stance that cannabis has no medicinal value, combined with their support of keeping it as a schedule ! controlled substance, are very harmful to medicinal cannabis and even more so to patients. As long as cannabis continues to be scheduled as a class 1 substance, research on cannabis here in the United States is SEVERELY restricted and in many cases outright banned.

Less research means less care for sick people, equals the furthering of marijuana prohibition and the suppression of evidence that contradicts the ridiculous stance prohibitionists take.

That's why I implore all of you who aren't interested in voting for a Conservative maniac for president but also don't want to vote for a hypocritical puppet like Obama who thinks you are a criminal for being sick, to explore other options in 2012--specifically Libertarian options. I'm very interested in supporting guys like Ron Paul (and you might take some time to read up on his policies), but the point here isn't to promote one candidate in particular--it's to be sure you understand that voting for the status quo of politicians means voting against yourself again and again and again.

Colorado was the birth place of the Libertarian Party and has a long tradition of preferring self governance / personal accountability to government meddling, and I think you'll find that many Libertarian views are extremely in line with the needs of cannabis patients and users. That's all assuming you're tired of being crapped on by politicians who don't give a damn about you--I certainly am.

NObama in 2012 without severe policy change regarding cannabis--if you'll persecute the sick, you'll persecute anyone!!!
I think it's time we just got all incumbents out--period. Washington's corporate whore culture is hard enough to swallow at the national level--when they start to interfere with our state's affairs, I'm not even willing to take a bite.

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