Sunday, May 16, 2010

Think you're free? Think again--even the environmentalists want to treat you differently

Check out this new ordinance proposal in Boulder--they want to require all cannabis businesses to offset 100% of their electricity with green energy sources, and they want to mandate it with inspectors (read full article here:

While I understand the concern, this is another ridiculous example of Cannabis businesses being treated to a double standard. Their argument is that indoor cultivation operations produce a lot of greenhouse gasses. Duh! While this is true, here's the problem with their arguement: Nearly every large warehouse owned by a business anywhere in this state or this country, and that includes Boulder, is likely lit with HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights, the exact same lights used to cultivate cannabis indoors. In many cases these large warehouse are using many times the amount of lights it takes to run an indoor grow--some warehouses, and some walmarts, literally line the ceiling with these things.

And yet this regulation would not apply to those businesses, only to Cannabis businesses. So here's what I have to say to all you Boulder progressives with your bullshit, inconsistent ideals (that always seem to kill your causes): shut your mouth, get a sense of equality (since you spend so much time bitching about it) and stop persecuting cannabis businesses.

Meeting the standard would be fairly easy, costing $50 a month, at most. But that's not the point: it's a $50 not being pushed onto the books of other businesses who are causing the exact same amount of emissions.

Cannabis businesses will go green when everyone else does (many have already chosen to do so on their own anyway)--adding another cost to their list of bills is unacceptable, naive, totalitarian, and wrong. The idea that ANY business should be held to different standards from the next is completely Un-American.

Stop trying to single out cannabis-related businesses simply because you know that the status-quo still allows this inequality to permeate unchecked. It's as wrong as forcing African Americans to sit in the back of a bus was--it promotes divisiveness and inequality, in direct opposition to the Constitution of the United States of America, as well as the Colorado State Constitution, as well as every single citizen's sense of freedom.

Shame on the Boulder City Council--more ridiculous Liberal Government interference from Socialist pricks........ That's why I am voting Libertarian in the next election-because Democrats are as big of scum as Republicans.

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